Events: Empirical x Mrs Robinson's

To kick-off this year’s Bar Convent Berlin, we’re having a party with our friends at Mrs Robinson’s. It’s one of the city’s most creative new restaurants located in a cozy space that was once a

Our head of R&D Chris Stewart and Mrs Robinson’s will be upcycling ingredients from our distillation process for cocktails and snacks.

Arrive early and stay late.

Monday, 7th October - 7PM until late

Mrs Robinson’s
Pappelallee 29, 10437, Berlin
About Mrs. Robinson’s

Mrs Robinson's Berlin — Empirical Spirits

Mrs Robinson's is a small independent restaurant, where excellent produce is prepared with love and skill by Samina Raza and Ben Zviel.

They support local farmers that work without pesticides or chemicals and have a long-term view of sustainability: produce is sustainably fished or foraged and waste is minimized by working with whole animals.

They revive ancient techniques to create modern flavors, which are served alongside natural wines and home-made beverages.

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