Releases: Samfundssind

A riff on a modern take of a classic cocktail, Samfundssind is based on our Pasilla Mixe chili spirit Ayuuk and includes fermented citrus and Australian ingredients. Another fun collaboration with our friend Luke Whearty of BYRDI in Melbourne.

Releases: Samfundssind

The Danish Language Council defines Samfundssind as “putting the concern of society higher than one’s own interest”. 

The name is a shoutout from our friend Luke Whearty whose bar BYRDI recently reopened when Melbourne got out of lockdown. As he explains, this word is "especially applicable to the recent times we’ve found ourselves in globally and I believe it is the ideal of putting society ahead of one's own personal interests and coming together as a community that is the key to weathering the storm."

Originally opened right before the pandemic, BYRDI champions native Australian ingredients and focuses on creating experiences reflective of the seasons.

Sasha, in charge of our pre-bottled collaborations at the distillery, used to work with Luke in Singapore. 

"I've always loved what Empirical does and when my ex Sous Bartender Sasha Wijidessa asked my opinion on what she should do post Operation Dagger I strongly encouraged her to move to Copenhagen to get a job at Empirical. Now that Sasha is there it’s awesome to have that strong connection with a company I admire. It’s been really cool to team up with Sasha again to work on this drink and I can honestly say it’s been a collaborative effort from start to finish." 

Samfundssind is based on our Pasilla Mixe chili spirit Ayuuk and includes fermented citrus and Australian ingredients.

The rich but subtle chocolate notes of the Cocoa Nibs tea are an obvious match for the smokey flavors of Ayuuk. They are balanced with different citrus preparations; a Kumquat tea brings light citrusy notes, while lacto fermented Mandarin Orange and reduced Mandarin Orange juice brings a burst of tart flavors.

Finally, we made an alcoholic maceration of Lemon Myrtle, a native Australian herb, to aromatically lift the drink. 

The result is a rich, savory and yet fresh drink; a riff on a modern take of a classic cocktail. 

A percentage of the sales will be donated to Rural Aid in support of Australian farmers who endure drought, flood and fire. 

We’re excited to announce that a limited number of bottles are also available at a selection of stockists around Australia:

Blackhearts & Sparrows

P&V Merchants 

The Wine Thief

21.62% ABV.
Key Ingredients: Ayuuk, Mandarin Orange, Cocoa Nib, Lemon Myrtle, Kumquat
Tasting Notes: Savory, Smokey, Citrus, Salted Chocolate
Recommended serve: Over ice.

All pre-bottled cocktails should be immediately consumed and refrigerated until consumption. Best Before: 28.02.21

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