Toby Evans designed some special cans for us

Our special edition mix packs of CAN 01 and CAN 02 feature artwork from artist and designer Toby Evans. We had a decent chat with him about it.

Toby Evans designed some special cans for us

Hi folks. Haven’t you heard? We made a couple of cans. We called them CAN01 and CAN02, and we put a whole lot more thought into making them than we did naming them, we promise. 
You can find out the full details here, but the top-line, big picture stuff is this: CAN01 contains oolong tea, toasted birch and green gooseberry and tastes like nothing you’ve ever tasted before, and CAN02 contains sour cherry, black currant buds, young pine cones and walnut wood and also tastes like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.
We’re pretty psyched about these lil’ guys - we’ve every hope they’re going to change the way you all approach sunny day cans in the park, Friday afternoon desk drinks, late-night living room dance parties and other great boozy moments that you’ve been bringing the same old cans to your whole life. 
To celebrate the release of these glorious little things, we had our buddy, London-based artist and designer Toby Evans, make some artwork for them. We’ve put out a super-limited mix pack of the two cans featuring Toby’s artwork.
Toby’s created all kinds of things for the likes of Palace Skateboards, Adidas, Boiler Room, fashion designer Ashley Williams and a ton of other folks. He’s extraordinarily prolific and sought after, and we’re really happy he found the time to lend his not inconsiderable talents to our cans.
Toby’s been a real team player on this whole project - he came to hang out in Copenhagen with us for a few days to see how we do things, then just a few days later he came at us with these wacky things inspired by what he saw. We slapped all the legally required information over his designs and started printing.
We asked Toby a few questions about the project. He gave us some pretty succinct answers. 
Hi Toby! How're you doing?
I’m good, enjoying a new lease of life and getting to work on some FuN and ExCiTinG projects. 
How did you hear about our cans?
Simon [Kirkpatrick] and I had worked together on a few projects at Palace Skateboards, where he was working before Empirical. We had a coffee and Simon told me about Empirical. I think a day or so later, himself, Matt and Ali came by to my office where we had a tasting of the spirits and some of the cans.
What sold you on the project?
Basically how excited everybody from Empirical was about the whole project - really encouraged me to make me want to design something to make it so fun. I’m really excited with the results.
What inspired these designs?
The biggest inspiration was the distillery visit. It was my first trip to a distillery, so it was very much my introduction to the process. Chris [Stewart, our head of R&D] did an excellent tour, showing me how each part of the process makes the elements for the next. I asked as many questions as I could to get to at least a newbie level of understanding. 
I listened and got to grips with it all, but I forgot to take any notes till after. So I guess my main point of inspiration was how something that seemed so complicated to me could be refined into a delicious drink that simply works. 
There’s always been a theory that “good design” is about making something complicated, very simple. So I decided to unstitch that a bit and look at making the can design very detailed to show my basic interpretation of the process - all the ingredients and infographics in there all mixed up to give a tongue-in-cheek insight into how these cans get made. Then I layered it to make it almost completely indecipherable. 

Which is your favourite flavor out of the two cans?
I like to alternate between the two. I would say CAN01 I could probably session harder with a CAN02 every couple of rounds or so, just to pep me up - that punchy cherry flavor gets me every time. 

How do you recommend they're enjoyed?
Every conceivable situation you can think of. If you drink beer or wine in most situations then you should definitely switch things up and try and involve the Empirical cans in your drinking routine. No need to stick to special occasions. 
Thanks Toby, you’re the best!
Photo's by Bob Foster @fosterfoster20

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