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Hot Sauce 02


Umami, smoky, citrusy, earthy.


Put it on stuff.

Feels like

Balance and complexity, rather than intensity and spice.

To balance the complex, earthy flavors of the Pasilla Mixe chili, Eric has selected a handful of beautiful ingredients such as lemongrass, galangal and baobab flour.

Picture by Letizia Cigliutti.

We never throw anything away that still tastes great. ⁠

We reuse botanicals from our spirits to make kombuchas. Spent grain becomes miso, shoyu or are used to feed lucky chickens from a neighboring farm.

Eric Heilig (Head of Provisions) came up with Hot Sauce 02, made from the same Pasilla Mixe chilis we’ve already used for our Ayuuk distillation. 

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Customer reviews

”The Hot Sauce 02 is really amazing, round sour smoky,
perfect. And the choice of the ingredients also really interesting.”

– Stefano, Italy

“I use it for everything, even for my breakfasts, the flavor is outstanding, salty, umami, sweet, sour spicy. Basically everything you need to have an amazing experience!”

– David, France