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CAN 03


Carob, fig leaf, lemon myrtle.

Feels like

The Mediterranean in a CAN

Complexity hiding in a veil of simplicity.

CAN 03 opens with citrusy front notes of lemongrass, lemon myrtle and Andaliman pepper. Carob, coffee chaff and golden Yunnan tea provide a warming earthy depth with the fragrant coconut-like fig leaf rounding out this highly refreshing blend.

Inspiration for CAN 03 came during a research trip to Ibiza when Chris and Lars ran into fresh carob, something that child-Lars was forced to eat as a “healthy” alternative, and thus something he later eschewed.

But as the two of them sat at an outside bar under the broad branches of a Carob tree, that sweet fresh scent swirling in the lush heat, the sea framed by fig trees, a reconciliation of carob began to coalesce. ⁠⁠

Customer reviews

"It was bloody lovely! My friend introduced me to CAN 03 (and you guys in general) and I was instantly a fan. I must admit they tasted slightly better drunk in the sunshine in Portugal but still enjoyable in London..."

- Simon, United Kingdom

"I thought CAN 03 was fantastic. The new blend was a great success. I also liked its alcohol content being lower, similar to a beer. Sometimes I prefer that to the higher alcohol level of 01 and 02."

- Tom, USA

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Eu Sou Empirical,

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